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GEO Targeted Ad Placements

Don’t waste your time advertising in cities you don’t want clients in. We’ll get you placements where your future clients will see it.

Complete Control Of Placements

Unlike some of our competitors, you can control every single placement from your dashboard. If a site doesn’t perform, kill the placement with 1 click!


Easy To Use Ad Control Panel

You have a business to run. You don’t have time to spend all day setting up ads. Our custom coded interface gets you in and out in minutes, not hours.

Mobile Friendly Ad Placements

What good is a desktop only ad platform going to do for you when your future clientele are out and about looking to extend the fun from their smartphone? Best mobile ad server online.

Why Chose Us

At, we have the utmost Integrity. Your privacy is of greatest importance to both you and us. We never share any client details.

Our Precision tracking and ad serving platform means you never pay for clicks that you didn’t get. And with built in fraud protection, you’re marketing dollars are safe with us.

Unlike some companies, we don’t just take your deposit and point you to the knowledgebase. Preferred clients have 24-7 access to an account manager.

At, we strive to combine our ever growing ad inventory with the most targeted clientel traffic and your provider business into a triple factored winning combination.

More placements. More searchers in your city. More jobs booked.

We strive to turn you into a lifelong client as you do the same with your new bookings.

We get escorting. We’ve been in the escort game a long time. Having “boots on the ground” experience as your advertising and marketing partner only makes sense. We know what you need, we know your concerns and we’re here to exceed all your expectations.

  • Brand Development 100%
  • Laser Targeted Marketing Campaigns 100%
  • Mobile Friendly Interface 100%

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Some of our more commonly asked questions are addressed to the right. If you have questions not answered, feel free to contact us.

What Kind Of Clients Do You Accept?

We accept ads from all types of escorts and adult entertainers. From high end escorts to massage specialists to those serving the transsexual markets, if you’re a provider, we have traffic for you.

Do You Have Pricing Available?

In the interest of our existing clients privacy, we don’t publish our rates publicly. Contact us  to discuss placement availability and pricing options.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Ads Live?

In some cities, we can get you traffic within 24 hours. Other cities have a waiting list but we’re constantly adding inventory so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

No but we’re quite happy to provide a discount for a link back to this page. Inquire on our contact page.